Check Your Television is Compatible with CallGenie

CallGenie requires HDMI-CEC to control the television. This functionality is provided as standard in most premium flat screen televisions from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips etc. made since 2008.

To check if your television has HDMI-CEC use your remote control to access the television’s menu. Then check in Settings, System or something similar to look for the option. You may also want to look at your television’s instruction manual (often found online) or just try performing a web search for the model of your television and “Enable HDMI-CEC.”

Please note that manufacturers may have their own trade names for HDMI-CEC:

  • AnyNet+ (Samsung)
  • Aquos Link (Sharp)
  • BRAVIA Link/Sync (Sony)
  • CE-Link (Toshiba)
  • E-Link (AOC
  • EasyLink (Philips)
  • HDMI-CEC (Hitachi)
  • Kuro Link (Pioneer)
  • SimpLink (LG)
  • VIERA Link (Panasonic)
  • CEC (Vizio)

If in doubt, check with us that your television will work with CallGenie. Please fill in form below and provide the requested information. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.