Dementia Phones: CallGenie’s Revolution in Communication

Stay connected like never before with CallGenie - the simple and reliable way to video call your Elderly loved ones.
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Dementia Phones: CallGenie’s Revolution in Communication

Dementia poses significant challenges, particularly when it comes to communication. The complex tech products on the market today, with their numerous features and functions, can often be overwhelming for those with dementia. The need for simpler, more intuitive solutions has never been greater. Enter “dementia phones” — a term that encapsulates devices designed to make communication effortless for those battling the condition.

CallGenie is a pioneer in this realm. While it isn’t a traditional phone, it’s quickly becoming a preferred alternative for families with loved ones suffering from dementia. Here’s why:

Simple and Effective:

CallGenie’s system uses the familiar environment of a television. When a family member calls, the TV automatically switches to display the video call, and returns to its normal channel once the conversation is over. The entire process requires no intervention from the patient.


One of CallGenie’s standout features is its auto-answering capability. This means that those with dementia don’t have to navigate buttons or screens. The call is answered automatically, reducing potential stress or confusion.

Powered by Skype:

By integrating with Skype, CallGenie leverages a trusted platform known for its reliability and high-quality video calls.

Subtitles for Clarity:

Recognising that many with dementia may also have hearing challenges, CallGenie, in partnership with Skype, offers a subtitle feature. Every word spoken can be displayed on the screen, ensuring that no part of the conversation is missed.

Safety and Security:

CallGenie ensures that only authorised callers can connect, providing peace of mind to families that their loved ones are safe from potential spam or unwanted calls.

In a world where dementia poses daily communication challenges, CallGenie is proving to be a beacon of hope. It’s not just about technology; it’s about restoring the joy of connection and ensuring that conversations, laughs, and memories continue to flow seamlessly. The emergence of “dementia phones” like CallGenie underscores the potential of technology to bring positive change in the lives of those affected by dementia and their families.

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Where can I buy a CallGenie?


CallGenie Appliances can be bought for delivery in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man using this website

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Other Countries

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