Effortless Video Conferencing for Seniors with CallGenie

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Stay connected like never before with CallGenie - the simple and reliable way to video call your Elderly loved ones.

Effortless Video Conferencing for Seniors with CallGenie

As our society becomes more digitally connected, many seniors may feel left behind. The explosion of technology, especially in the realm of communication, has brought about a slew of devices and apps. But not all of them cater to the unique needs of seniors. Enter CallGenie, which is not just another gadget but a game-changer for easy video conferencing for seniors.

CallGenie Features

User-Friendly Approach: CallGenie takes a different route from traditional tech devices. Without the confusion of buttons and multiple features, it’s tailored specifically for seniors. Its intuitive design ensures that even those unfamiliar with technology can easily connect with loved ones.

Auto-Answering Feature: One of CallGenie’s standout features is its auto-answering capability. Seniors don’t have to fumble with buttons or screens. When a loved one calls, the system seamlessly handles the process.

TV Integration: Most seniors are comfortable using a television. CallGenie smartly integrates with the TV, turning the familiar screen into a medium for video calls. When a call is received, the TV automatically displays the incoming video call, returning to its regular channel once the conversation ends.

Subtitles: Recognizing that some seniors might have hearing challenges, CallGenie, in partnership with platforms like Skype, offers a subtitle feature. This ensures that every word spoken is understood, enhancing the quality of the conversation.

No Touch Necessary: With CallGenie, seniors don’t need to touch anything. Calls are controlled by the family or friends, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the elderly person.

Robust Support: CallGenie understands the importance of continuous support. That’s why it offers remote support, ensuring that any issues are swiftly addressed.

In a landscape cluttered with tech products, CallGenie stands out as a beacon of simplicity and functionality. Its design and features showcase a deep understanding of the challenges seniors face. Easy video conferencing for seniors is no longer just a wish; with CallGenie, it’s a reality. The device reiterates the fact that technology, when thoughtfully crafted, can be inclusive and beneficial for all age groups.

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Where can I buy a CallGenie?


CallGenie Appliances can be bought for delivery in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man using this website

* EU power supply can be specified at checkout, if required.

USA & Canada

CallGenie Appliances are available to purchase for delivery in the United States and Canada using our US distributor’s website


CallGenie Appliances can be bought for delivery to countries in the EU and EEA (including Switzerland). *** Please note that the price you pay will not include tax (even though this site shows the UK price including VAT). However, you will need to pay local VAT (sales tax) and import duties to customs in your country before you will receive your appliance. All appliances will be shipped with euro power supplies (except for Ireland).

Other Countries

  We don’t currently ship fully configured appliances outside of the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. However, you can source your own hardware and buy the software from us here in the UK. You can find details of how to create your own appliance in the following link:https://smart-life-solutions.co.uk/how-to-build-your-own-callgenie-appliance It’s not that hard and we will provide you support once you have the mini PC connected to the internet.You will also find in that post a link to a shopping list of parts available on amazon.com.

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