Elderly Video Calling: Why CallGenie is the Ultimate Solution

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Stay connected like never before with CallGenie - the simple and reliable way to video call your Elderly loved ones.

Elderly Video Calling: Why CallGenie is the Ultimate Solution

CallGenie streamlines the video calling process for the elderly by directly integrating calls with something they’re familiar with: the television. Instead of navigating complicated apps on smartphones or tablets, CallGenie sends the video call right to the TV screen. When a call comes in, the television automatically displays the caller, making the experience feel natural and less tech-intensive. This straightforward approach eliminates the need to juggle remotes or touchscreens, making video chats a breeze for our elderly loved ones. It’s like turning on the TV to see a favourite show, but instead, it’s a friendly face ready for a chat.

Why Choose CallGenie?

So, you might wonder, with so many video calling options available, why should CallGenie be the go-to choice?

TV Integration: CallGenie understands that the elderly are more familiar with some gadgets than others. By integrating video calls with something as simple and familiar as a television, the process becomes less daunting and more intuitive.

Auto-Answering: How many times have we heard of seniors struggling to answer calls because of complicated interfaces? CallGenie’s auto-answering feature ensures they don’t miss out on precious moments. When a family member calls, the device picks up automatically.

Instant Subtitles: With age might come challenges related to hearing. CallGenie addresses this by offering real-time subtitles, ensuring that every word spoken by loved ones is clearly understood.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: CallGenie isn’t just about selling a product; it’s about ensuring it enriches lives. That’s why they offer a full money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you or your elderly loved one.

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Concluding Thoughts

Why not try CallGenie? With just one button, you can easily connect with loved ones right on their Television using the internet and  video calling technology.  We’ll help you set everything up and include support for a whole year. With CallGenie, you’ll soon find yourself making quick 10-minute check-ins calls more often.

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