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Smart Home Implementation Services

Smart Life Solutions provides  Smart Home Implementation Services for customers who want to implement smart home technology to improve their comfort, safety and security within their home or office premises.

We’re sorry but we no longer offer this service to new customers.

Smart Video Doorbell

A smart video doorbell is a device that incorporates a wide angle video camera, a motion sensor,  a microphone and a speaker into a small device with a button to activate your door bell chime.

Ring™ Video Doorbell

The device is usually activated by any motion detected near your door or when someone presses the button and rings the door bell itself. If the device is activated you will be alerted via an app on your phone or tablet and be able to see who’s there. You can then decide if you want  to talk to them using the app and give yourself more time to get to the door.  Alternatively,  you can ignore them if you don’t want to be disturbed.

A smart video door bell also solves the problem of deliveries being made when you’re not at home. The app will still alert you when someone comes to your front door, even when you are away from home. You can then tell the delivery person where to safely leave your items so you can retrieve them when you return home.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting provides a number of comfort, security and safety benefits.

It can be used to turn on a pre-determined sets of lights programmatically. This could be on a timed basis,  when motion is detected,  when a door or window is opened/closed,  when an occupant returns home etc.  In addition it could be activated by the press of a physical button, a tap on a smart phone app or even via a voice command.

Philips Hue White Ambiance – Picture courtesy of Philips Lighting BV

From a safety perspective a potential use may be to have a motion sensor detect when you get out of bed at night and turn on background lighting to enable you to clearly see any potential obstacles on the way to the bathroom that might cause you to stumble or fall.

From a security perspective you may want to programme lights to come on at various times in the evening to create the impression that someone is at home.

Philips Hue Lighting Installation and Set Up Service

Smart Thermostat

Tado Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats provide a lot of flexibility in managing the temperature in your home. They can save you money on your energy bills as well as ensuring your home is heated optimally when you need it to be. The programming of the thermostat can be done remotely by the family of  an elderly person living on their own so that they don’t have to worry about manually setting the programmers and thermostats connected to the boiler.

Smart Home Controls

Logitech Harmony Hub

Smart Home Controls  enable you to control your home entertainment devices using your smartphone or tablet when in the same room, in a different room in the house or even when away from the home. This in particularly useful if you need to control devices belonging to an elderly person who struggles with technology.