The Ideal Skype Device for Seniors: CallGenie’s Revolution

skype device for seniors
skype device for seniors

The Ideal Skype Device for Seniors: CallGenie’s Revolution

Navigating the plethora of digital communication tools can be daunting for many, especially seniors. With the rise of numerous applications and platforms, finding an uncomplicated, user-friendly option is essential. If you’ve been searching for the perfect Skype device for seniors, look no further than CallGenie.

Understanding the Need for a Dedicated Skype Device for Seniors:

Skype, as one of the pioneering video calling platforms, has remained a favourite among many for its reliability and easy-to-use interface. For seniors, however, accessing Skype on smartphones or computers might present some challenges. There’s a need for a dedicated Skype device for seniors – something that simplifies the process, and CallGenie fills this gap impeccably.

Why CallGenie is the Best Skype Device for Seniors:

  1. Intuitive Design: CallGenie is specifically crafted keeping in mind the unique needs of seniors. As a Skype device for seniors, it cuts down on the complexities of modern gadgets.
  2. Television Integration: Most seniors are familiar with operating a television. CallGenie’s genius lies in its ability to integrate with these familiar TV sets, making Skype calls a seamless experience.
  3. Auto-Answer Feature: Gone are the days of struggling to pick up a call. This Skype device for seniors auto-answers incoming calls, ensuring that seniors won’t miss out on moments with their loved ones.
  4. Remote Installation: Setting up digital devices can be a hurdle for many. Recognising this, CallGenie comes with remote installation as part of its package, further cementing its position as the go-to Skype device for seniors.
  5. Safety First: In the digital age, safety cannot be compromised. CallGenie, as a dedicated Skype device for seniors, ensures that only known contacts can initiate calls, providing an added layer of security.

The Added Advantages:

Beyond its primary function as a Skype device for seniors, CallGenie offers numerous other benefits. Its cost-effective approach, with a one-time payment structure, ensures value for money. Additionally, its user-friendly interface promotes regular communication, combating feelings of isolation many seniors might experience.


The digital communication realm is vast and often complex, but for those seeking a straightforward Skype device for seniors, CallGenie emerges as an unmatched solution. It embodies simplicity, ensures safety, and above all, keeps seniors connected with their loved ones effortlessly. If Skype is your platform of choice and you desire hassle-free communication for the elderly in your life, CallGenie is the Skype device for seniors that you’ve been searching for.

Where can I buy a CallGenie Appliance?



CallGenie Appliances can be bought for delivery in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man using this website

* EU power supply can be specified at checkout, if required.

USA & Canada

CallGenie Appliances are available to purchase for delivery in the United States and Canada using our US distributor’s website


CallGenie Appliances can be bought for delivery to countries in the EU and EEA (including Switzerland).

*** Please note that the price you pay will not include tax (even though this site shows the UK price including VAT). However, you will need to pay local VAT (sales tax) and import duties to customs in your country before you will receive your appliance.

All appliances will be shipped with euro power supplies (except for Ireland).

Other Countries


We don’t currently ship fully configured appliances outside of the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. However, you can source your own hardware and buy the software from us here in the UK.

You can find details of how to create your own appliance in the following link: It’s not that hard and we will provide you support once you have the mini PC connected to the internet.You will also find in that post a link to a shopping list of parts available on


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