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Universal Remote Control Setup Service

Multiple remote controls

Do you need someone to help you to install and set up your universal remote control?

Smart Life Solutions provides a Universal Remote Control Setup Service delivered in your own home or office premises. The Universal Remote Control Setup Service is for anyone who would like to have someone visit them in their own home, or office premises, to install their universal remote control and set it up to control all the devices used in their home entertainment system.

We’re sorry but we no longer offer this service to new customers.

Universal Remote Control

A universal remote control is single handheld device that replicates most of the functionality of the multiple remote controls you use to control your television and home entertainment systems. It makes it easier to turn on the television and the required audio-visual components, as well as setting the inputs/outputs on each device,  so you can start viewing immediately.

Universal Remote Control: Logitech Harmony Hub and Remote Control
Universal Remote Control: Logitech Harmony Hub and Remote Control

For example, it can replace the following remote controls:

  • Television
  • Virgin cable, Sky satellite, BT Youview or Freeview/Freesat set top box
  • DVD/Bluray player
  • Streaming device (e.g. Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick etc)
  • Audio-Visual (AV) receiver/amplifier/soundbar

with a single universal remote control.

What is a Smart Remote Control?

Smart Remote Controls, for example the Logitech Harmony Hub, provide a universal remote control for all your home entertainment equipment as well as being able to control certain smart devices in your home.

Smart Remote Controls can be also smart home devices in their own right and can enable you to automatically turn on devices when another smart home device is switched on or, for example, a sensor reports movement etc.

It can also be used to control entertainment devices whilst away from the home using an app on your tablet or smart phone. This is particularly useful if you are supporting an elderly or disabled person who needs help controlling their television, or if you want to automate video calling (e.g. Skype) with them.

Universal Remote Control Setup Service – what we do?

We provide the following services to install and/or set up your universal remote control :

  • Unbox the universal remote control
  • Configure the universal remote control to work with all the devices you require
  • Demonstrate how to use your equipment
  • Provide user training

In addition, we provide the following services for smart remote controls:

  • Assistance with loading and configuring the app for the smart remote control on your computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Configure the smart remote control to work with your home WiFi
  • Test the operation of the smart remote control, both inside the home (using WiFi) and outside the home (using cellular data)