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Video calling devices designed for elderly people in the UK?

Video calling devices designed for elderly people in the UK?

Yes, there is a video calling device that is specifically designed for elderly people in the UK called CallGenie. CallGenie was created to address the challenges faced by individuals who want to stay in regular contact with their elderly relatives who may have dementia or mobility issues.

CallGenie is a simple and fully automated solution that works with an elderly loved one’s existing television. All you need to do is connect it to broadband and plug it into their television, and everything else is automated. When a video call comes in through Skype, CallGenie automatically switches to the incoming call and then switches back to the program they were watching once the call ends.

One of the key benefits of CallGenie is its safe and private network. It only answers incoming calls from friends and family, using Skype’s privacy features to ensure security. There are no monthly fees to pay, and every package includes 12 months of full support.

To set up CallGenie, simply plug in the box, connect it to Wi-Fi and the TV, and you’re good to go. You can make the video call through Skype on your phone, iPad, or computer. Your elderly loved one doesn’t need to do anything; CallGenie will turn on the TV if needed or switch automatically.

Having a video call through CallGenie allows you to enjoy a catch-up with your loved one on the big screen, making it feel like you are in the room together. When you finish the call, simply hang up, and CallGenie will end the call and automatically switch back to the program they were watching or turn the TV off.

If you have an elderly relative who doesn’t like or want new tech in their home, or if they have dementia or mobility issues, CallGenie is the perfect solution. It provides a simple and reliable way for you to stay connected with your loved ones, making video calls easy and hassle-free.

With CallGenie, you can ensure regular communication with your elderly relatives without any effort on their part. It’s a game changer for communication, allowing you to both see and talk to your loved one on a daily basis.