We Solve Your Technical Challenges | Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey

Smart Life Solutions is here to help you solve your technical challenges. The  core technical services we provide are IT Support, Computer Repairs and Computer Training . Our services are suitable for anyone who uses computer technologies within their own homes or small businesses.

We respond to the customer’s needs. If you want a problem fixed quickly we can do that. However, if you appreciate a bit more time and explanation we can do that, too.

What geographical area do we cover with our services?

Smart Life Solutions is based in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire and we are pleased to offer visits to customers in their homes or office premises in the following  areas ( view map ):

  • Hampshire: Hartley Wintney, Hook, Odiham, Fleet, Church Crookham, Eversley, Yateley

Tell us about your requirement by giving us a call on 01252 918824, email info@smart-life-solutions.co.uk – or fill out our contact form by using the button below:


Problems We Solve

We are increasingly dependent on technology

More and more our lives are revolving around technology. We are using smart phones to keep in touch with our family and friends, tablets to do online shopping and computers to  manage our finances and fill in government forms.  We watch catch up TV on our smart televisions and, increasingly, we are using Smart Home Technologies to manage the heating, lighting and security of our homes. What happens if things go wrong, or we don’t understand how these things work?

In most households there is one person who manages all the technology needs on behalf of everyone else. They might be a member of the household or a relative/friend who lives nearby.  But what do you do when they are not around to tell you how something works or help you fix a problem?

What happens when your go to technical person isn’t available?

Smart Life Solutions is here to solve your technical challenges for you. We can help you to become more self sufficient with your technology and  provide you with technical support and backup when you need it. We can also advise you on technology choices and even implement them for you.

We solve your technical challenges

We provide training/tuition, technical support, installation and maintenance services for computers (PC, Mac, iPad, tablets and smart phones), computing peripherals (printers, scanners, backups and external storage), and computer networking (broadband and WiFi).

Our Services

IT Support/Computer Repairs

IT Support for Home and Small Businesses
IT Support for Home and Small Businesses

Setting up Personal Computers & Tablets

Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Computer Backups & Disaster Recovery Planning

Broadband, Internet & WiFi performance

Troubleshoot Software Problems

MacOS, iOS & Linux Support

Telephone & Remote Support

iPad Help & Technical Support

Apple Mac Help & Technical Support

PC Help & Technical Support

Website Hosting & Management

Computer Tuition

Computer Tuition for All Ability Levels
Computer Tuition for All Ability Levels

Using the Internet

Emails and Instant Messaging

Video Calling

Creating/Sharing/Printing  Documents

iPad Tuition

Mac Tuition

PC Tuition

Microsoft Word Tuition

Microsoft Excel Tuition

Microsoft PowerPoint Tuition

Setting up Websites & Blogs

How to engage us?

Tell us about your requirement by giving us a call on 01252 918824, email info@smart-life-solutions.co.ukor by using the contact form. 

Find out more about us or check out our rates and how we work.  If you’re still not convinced have a look at what our customers say about us.