About Us

Smart Life Solutions – Our Mission

Smart Life Solutions is based in West Mersea, Essex, UK. Our mission is to provide Technology for People who need Help, and Help for People who need Technology. Our customers are typically those that would prefer personalised technical help in their own homes or small business premises.

Graham Jackson – Founder of Smart Life Solutions

Graham Jackson

Graham has over 30 years experience in the computer industry including software development, technical support, sales and consultancy. He has extensive knowledge of  computer technologies, operating systems and commonly used software applications. In particular he focusses on Apple devices including  Macs (desktop and laptop), iPads, iPhones, Apple TV and Apple Watch. He also maintains a working knowledge of PCs and is fluent in Microsoft Office applications on most platforms including Windows, macOS and iOS.

He has a passion for technology, particularly those things that improve your comfort, security and ability to keep in touch with those who care about you.

Why Choose Smart Life Solutions?

  • We take the time to fully understand the needs and personal preferences of our customers
  • We will always look for the best solution to a problem, which is often the most cost effective one.
  • We charge a fair and reasonable price for our services

How to engage us?

Tell us about your requirement by giving us a call on 01252 918824, emailing  info@smart-life-solutions.co.uk or by using the contact form.