10 Benefits of CallGenie for People with Dementia

CallGenie is a pioneering communication tool designed to connect people with dementia with their families and caregivers through the simple interface of their television. This device not only bridges the communication gap but also aids in improving the overall well-being of people with dementia. Let’s delve deeper into how CallGenie can transform the lives of those with dementia.

1. Simplifying Communication

Dementia can make standard communication devices overwhelming. CallGenie addresses this by offering a simple interface that uses the television, a familiar household item, reducing anxiety associated with new technology. The use of a large screen allows for better facial recognition and connection with family members and friends, crucial for emotional comfort.

2. Enhancing Cognitive Engagement

Video calls via CallGenie can stimulate cognitive functions in those with dementia. Seeing and interacting with loved ones can trigger memories and emotional responses, which are vital for cognitive health. Regularly scheduled calls can become a part of the person’s routine, providing consistent cognitive stimulation and helping maintain their language and social skills.

3. Reducing Isolation and Loneliness

Isolation can exacerbate the symptoms of dementia. CallGenie helps by keeping individuals connected to their social network, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. This connection is vital for mental health, as sustained social interactions can help maintain a person's sense of self and slow the progression of dementia-related symptoms.

4. Empowering Caregivers

Caregivers can remotely manage CallGenie, controlling who the person can communicate with and monitoring call durations to avoid fatigue. This ensures that interactions are safe and beneficial. It also offers caregivers peace of mind, knowing they can facilitate positive interactions without being physically present.

5. Increasing Safety and Security

With controls to limit calls to pre-approved contacts, CallGenie protects vulnerable people with dementia from potential scams and confusing interactions with strangers. This security feature is essential to providing safety in communication.

6. Facilitating Medical Consultations

CallGenie can also be used for telemedicine sessions, allowing healthcare providers to check in their patients remotely. This can be particularly advantageous for those in remote areas or for whom frequent travel to medical facilities is challenging. Video consultations can help manage the medical aspects of dementia care, from medication management to routine check-ups.


7. Reassurance for Family and Friends

CallGenie allows family and friends to make video calls to the person with dementia, allowing them to monitor their health and wellbeing. 

8. Support for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

With age may people suffer from hearing related conditions which, if not treated, can increase the likelihood of social isolation. For those who don't get on with hearing aids, or they can't process the spoken word due to Aphasia, CallGenie provides sub-titles, so the person can take part in conversations with family and friends.

9. Supporting Multi-Sensory Interaction

The audio-visual nature of CallGenie’s communication helps engage a person with dementia more fully than a voice call can do alone. This multi-sensory interaction is particularly beneficial in maintaining attention and interest, which are often challenges in dementia care.

10. Enhancing Quality of Life

Ultimately, all these features of CallGenie contribute to an enhanced quality of life for people with dementia. By improving communication, ensuring safety, and maintaining social connections, CallGenie helps manage the emotional, cognitive, and social aspects of dementia.

CallGenie : Key Features

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    Connects to the Television

    CallGenie connects to the user's television, typically the largest screen in a person's home. Why would you introduce another smaller screen into their living environment, when the television is already there in front of them?

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    Safe & Secure

    CallGenie only answers incoming video calls from known contacts. Just add family and friends to the contacts list to enable them to connect.

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    Auto-Answering Video Calls

    CallGenie is waiting for loved ones to call. It automatically turns on the television, if it's on standby, and switches the input to the incoming video call. At the end of the call, CallGenie returns the television to its original state.

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    Real-Time Subtitles

    With age might come challenges related to hearing. CallGenie addresses this by offering real-time subtitles, ensuring that every word spoken by loved ones can be read from the screen. The size of the text can be configured to suit the eye sight of the user.

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    One-off Cost – No Monthly Fees

    No monthly fees to pay. Just connect CallGenie to the user's broadband and plug it into their television. Set up is done remotely via a video call, to make sure everything works perfectly.

    12 months of full support and warranty included.

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    Our Guarantee

    We understand the importance of making sure that CallGenie works seamlessly with the user's television. The television must go back to its original state after a call, and when the user turns on the television from standby there should be no surprises. In the very rare case that we can't get CallGenie to work seamlessly, we will give you a full refund of the purchase price.

CallGenie : How Does It Work?

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    Getting Set-up

    Plug in the box, connect it to Wi-Fi and to the television. That just leaves the final configuration, which is done remotely over a video call with us.

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    Make a Call

    Make a video call using Skype on either your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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    Accept the Call

    CallGenie will turn on the television (if needed), and switch automatically to the input for the video call. All of this without your loved one needing to do anything.

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    Enjoy Your Call

    Enjoy having a catch up with your loved one on the big screen. It'll feel like you're in the same room together.

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    Finish Your Call

    Hang up the call, when you have finished, and CallGenie will automatically switch back to the programme they were watching (and turn the off television, if it was off before the call).

CallGenie Video Calling Device for the Elderly and Disabled