Alternatives for the discontinued Facebook (Meta) Portal TV

CallGenie offers an Alternative Option for Video Calling for the Elderly.

Our Video Calling for the Elderly solution

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected with our loved ones, especially elderly family members, is more important than ever. While Facebook Portal TV has gained popularity as a video calling solution, there are also other options available that cater specifically to the needs of the elderly. One such alternative is CallGenie, a user-friendly video calling system designed to enhance the well-being and social connection of seniors.

CallGenie offers a range of features tailored to meet the unique needs of elderly individuals and their families. Let’s explore how this innovative solution can help you maintain a strong bond with your elderly loved ones.

Virtual Face-to-Face Communication: With CallGenie, you can enjoy virtual face-to-face communication, just like being physically present with your loved ones. Carers can check in on their elderly care recipients, ensuring their well-being and providing emotional support. Real-time conversations create a sense of closeness and connection that can bring comfort and reassurance.

Reducing Loneliness and Isolation: Loneliness and isolation are common challenges faced by the elderly. CallGenie significantly alleviates these feelings by providing a means for regular social interaction. Care recipients can talk and see their family members and friends, fostering a sense of belonging and happiness. The power of technology brings loved ones closer, even when physical distance separates them.

Sharing Daily Moments: CallGenie enables carers and elderly care recipients to share their daily experiences, even if they are physically apart. By sharing updates, stories, or even small accomplishments, it helps maintain a sense of involvement and connection. This can be particularly valuable for care recipients who may have limited mobility or live in care facilities. With CallGenie, you can stay updated on each other’s lives and stay connected on a daily basis.

Including Care Recipients in Family Events and Activities: CallGenie allows carers to include their elderly care recipients in family events, even if they are unable to physically attend. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, holiday gathering, or even a simple family walk, using CallGenie can help maintain a sense of togetherness and involvement. Care recipients can feel connected and partake in the joy and love shared during these special moments, enhancing their overall well-being.

In addition to these features, CallGenie focuses on simplicity and ease of use. The interface is intuitive, making it accessible for elderly individuals who may not be tech-savvy. The system is designed with seniors in mind, prioritising their comfort and enjoyment during video calls.

CallGenie in action

Key differences between Call Genie and Facebook (Meta) Portal TV

1) CallGenie will auto-answer the incoming call and when the call is ended it will return you to state you were in when the call came in

2) With CallGenie, you have the added security and peace of mind that only individuals in your Contacts list can have their calls auto-answered. This feature ensures that you have complete control over who can connect with your elderly loved ones, providing an extra layer of protection and privacy.

3) CallGenie utilises top-tier video calling technology from Microsoft, namely Skype, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience across various devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Unlike Facebook Portal TV, CallGenie does not require a Facebook account, making it accessible to all users.

4) CallGenie is proudly developed, supplied, and supported by a team based in the United Kingdom with additional help from our distributor in the USA.

Don’t let distance or technology barriers hinder your ability to stay connected. Embrace the power of video calling and enhance the well-being of your elderly loved ones with CallGenie.