CallGenie Video Calling Software - Shopping List

The following is the current recommended list of parts to buy if you want to build your own CallGenie Video Call Device. All the parts can be bought from the manufacturers’ websites.

Please note that you should search online to find better deals in your own country.


  • Beelink Mini S N5095 Mini PC, 8GB RAM/128GB Storage – buy here
  • Webcam (choose one from)
    • Logitech C270 HD Webcam – buy here
    • Logitech C920 Full HD Webcam – buy here
    • Logitech Brio 100  Full HD Webcam – buy here
    • Logitech Brio 300  Full HD Webcam – buy here
    • Logitech Brio 500  Full HD Webcam – buy here
  • Pulse-Eight USB-CEC Adapter – buy here
  • Flirc USB IR V2 – buy here
  • StarTech USB Extender – buy here
  • USB to USB C Adapter  – buy here

Please note that the above links do not necessarily point you to the cheapest deals


  • CallGenie Software – buy here


CallGenie Software includes installation support for single end-user install of CallGenie as well as 12 months support via email, phone, text or remote access. Smart Life Solutions will remotely support you with setting up the mini PC, installing the software and configuring the appliance to work with the end user’s television.