CallGenie – Simplest Way to Make Video Calls to the Elderly

Do you have an elderly relative that you want to speak with regularly who doesn’t like or want new tech in their home and who may have Dementia or Mobility issues.

CallGenie is the answer…..

CallGenie is a simple solution to the challenges our Founder, Graham experienced when trying to stay in regular, reliable contact with his mother who suffered with both Dementia and mobility issues (and she happened to be called Jean and she thought the device was magical, hence CallGenie!)


Key Features of CallGenie that suit many different conditions :

  • Big Screen - CallGenie connects to your TV, which is usually the biggest screen in the house. It's easier to use what's already there than to bring in a new, smaller screen.
  • Big Sound - CallGenie sends the call through your TV speakers. If you can hear the TV, you can hear the video call.
  • Safe & Secure - CallGenie only lets calls from people you know come through. You just add people to your contacts.
  • Quick Connection - CallGenie picks up calls automatically, no need to press anything. It can even turn your TV on and off for the call.
  • Real-Time Subtitles - If hearing gets tough, CallGenie helps by showing live subtitles. You can make the text bigger or smaller to make it easier to read.
  • Lip Reading - With a good internet and high-definition video, CallGenie can help people who are deaf read lips through video calls.
  • Any Device - Your family and friends can use their phones, tablets, or computers to call you. CallGenie makes the connection happen. It works with Skype, which you can get on all kinds of devices.

How do people use CallGenie:

Customers who have purchased CallGenie find it useful for a variety of activities: Screen Sharing – With CallGenie, you can share your screen, which allows you to share videos and photos with others, no matter where you are.

  • Sharing Everyday Moments – Keep your loved ones updated with your daily life by sharing stories, news, or little wins, fostering a feeling of engagement and closeness.
  • Family Gatherings – Bring your loved ones into your celebrations or family get-togethers, despite the miles between you.
  • Combating Loneliness – Staying in regular touch through CallGenie can help ease the sense of isolation that comes from sparse and distant communications.
  • Medical Assistance Calls – When a doctor visits your home, CallGenie can facilitate communication, helping to explain medical discussions more clearly.
  • Virtual Outings – Share experiences like dog walks remotely, allowing those who can't be there in person to enjoy the moment with you.

Let’s show you how CallGenie works: