CallGenie: The Ideal Alternative to Mobile Phones for the Elderly

As technology advances, staying connected becomes increasingly important, especially for the elderly. While mobile phones are the go-to device for communication, touchscreens often present challenges to older adults, particularly if they have any physical and/or cognitive disabilities.

Studies have also found that as we age the skin on our hands becomes dryer and colder which is not conducive to operate touchscreens which require heat and moisture to operate optimally.

CallGenie, an auto-answering video calling device that connects to the end user's television, offers a compelling alternative. This post explores the reasons why CallGenie is a better option for the elderly compared to mobile phones.

Ease of Use

One of the primary advantages of CallGenie is its user-friendliness. Many elderly individuals struggle with the complexities of smartphones, such as small touchscreens, intricate menus, and constant updates. In contrast, CallGenie operates through a television, a device familiar to most seniors, and is simple to use. Incoming calls are automatically answered and displayed on the television, typically the largest screen in the house, and at the end of the call the television is returned to its previous state.

Enhanced Accessibility

CallGenie is designed with accessibility in mind. It offers features such as real-time subtitles and large, clear visuals on a television screen, making it easier for individuals with hearing or vision impairments to communicate. Mobile phones, even those with accessibility settings, often fall short in providing the same level of comfort and ease of use. The larger screen of a television allows for better readability and visibility, which is crucial for seniors who may have deteriorating eyesight.

Less Confusing

Using a smartphone involves dealing with apps, notifications, and settings, which can be confusing for elderly people, especially those with memory problems or dementia. CallGenie makes things easier by removing these distractions and focusing just on video calls. This way, seniors can have conversations without worrying about how to use a complicated device.

Security and Privacy

CallGenie offers a secure and private communication channel. Unlike smartphones that can be vulnerable to scams, phishing, and malware, CallGenie is a closed system designed specifically for video calls and will only accept calls from trusted family members and friends. This reduces the risk of accidental exposure to harmful content or fraudulent activities, providing peace of mind for both the users and their families.

No Monthly Fees

Another significant advantage of CallGenie is the absence of monthly fees. Mobile phone plans often come with recurring costs, which can be a financial burden for retirees on a fixed income. CallGenie requires only a one-time purchase, and will connect to the existing internet connection.

Physical Limitations

Many elderly individuals suffer from arthritis or other conditions that make handling small devices like smartphones challenging. With CallGenie, the auto-answering capability means seniors don't need to touch anything to answer calls. This eliminates the physical strain associated with using mobile phones, making it much easier for those with limited dexterity to stay connected.

Social Connectivity

Isolation and loneliness are significant issues among the elderly, leading to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. CallGenie promotes social connectivity by making it easier for seniors to engage in face-to-face conversations with family and friends. The visual component of video calls enhances the feeling of presence and connection, which is often lacking in phone calls.

Integration with Daily Routine

The integration of CallGenie with a television means that it can seamlessly fit into the daily routine of the elderly. Many seniors spend a considerable amount of time watching television; thus, incorporating video calls into this familiar activity makes the transition to using new technology smoother. It becomes part of their daily life rather than a separate, daunting task.

Caregiver Support

For caregivers, CallGenie provides a reliable way to check in on the elderly without the complications of troubleshooting smartphone issues. Caregivers can ensure that their loved ones are safe and well without the need for frequent in-person visits, which is particularly useful for those living at a distance.

Peace of Mind for Families

Knowing that their elderly family members can easily receive lyvideo calls provides peace of mind for families. The simplicity and reliability of CallGenie mean fewer technical issues and more straightforward communication, reducing the worry about their loved ones' ability to stay in touch.


In conclusion, CallGenie stands out as a superior alternative to mobile phones for the elderly due to its ease of use, enhanced accessibility, security, and economic benefits. By addressing the unique challenges faced by seniors, such as physical limitations and cognitive impairments, CallGenie promotes better social connectivity and overall well-being. It is a solution that has been designed to keep the elderly connected with their loved ones in a comfortable and stress-free manner. As the elderly population grows, innovations like CallGenie will be crucial in ensuring they remain integrated and supported in our digital world.

CallGenie : Key Features

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    Connects to the Television

    CallGenie connects to the user's television, typically the largest screen in a person's home. Why would you introduce another smaller screen into their living environment, when the television is already there in front of them?

  • icon1
    Safe & Secure

    CallGenie only answers incoming video calls from known contacts. Just add family and friends to the contacts list to enable them to connect.

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    Auto-Answering Video Calls

    CallGenie is waiting for loved ones to call. It automatically turns on the television, if it's on standby, and switches the input to the incoming video call. At the end of the call, CallGenie returns the television to its original state.

  • icon3
    Real-Time Subtitles

    With age might come challenges related to hearing. CallGenie addresses this by offering real-time subtitles, ensuring that every word spoken by loved ones can be read from the screen. The size of the text can be configured to suit the eye sight of the user.

  • icon4
    One-off Cost – No Monthly Fees

    No monthly fees to pay. Just connect CallGenie to the user's broadband and plug it into their television. Set up is done remotely via a video call, to make sure everything works perfectly.

    12 months of full support and warranty included.

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    Our Guarantee

    We understand the importance of making sure that CallGenie works seamlessly with the user's television. The television must go back to its original state after a call, and when the user turns on the television from standby there should be no surprises. In the very rare case that we can't get CallGenie to work seamlessly, we will give you a full refund of the purchase price.

CallGenie : How Does It Work?

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    Getting Set-up

    Plug in the box, connect it to Wi-Fi and to the television. That just leaves the final configuration, which is done remotely over a video call with us.

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    Make a Call

    Make a video call using Skype on either your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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    Accept the Call

    CallGenie will turn on the television (if needed), and switch automatically to the input for the video call. All of this without your loved one needing to do anything.

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    Enjoy Your Call

    Enjoy having a catch up with your loved one on the big screen. It'll feel like you're in the same room together.

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    Finish Your Call

    Hang up the call, when you have finished, and CallGenie will automatically switch back to the programme they were watching (and turn the off television, if it was off before the call).

About CallGenie

CallGenie started as a project in early 2017 to provide a way for Graham, the founder of Smart Life Solutions, to make Skype video calls to his elderly mother, who suffered with dementia and mobility issues.

Graham’s mother wasn’t accustomed to using technology to communicate, which is the case with many elderly people. She could use a phone and the remote control for her television. However, mobile phones and tablets were left in drawers, with no charge. Graham, therefore, decided to draw on his IT background. He was convinced that in amongst the extensive emerging smart home technologies there would be a solution.

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