The Easiest Way to Video Call Grandparents: Embracing CallGenie

In our fast-paced digital age, staying connected with our loved ones, especially grandparents, is essential. They often carry tales from the past, lessons learned, and most importantly, an abundance of love to share. But what’s the easiest way to video call grandparents, particularly if they aren’t tech-savvy or are living in care homes? Enter CallGenie, a game-changing solution that bridges the generational tech gap.

Understanding the Challenge:

For many elderly individuals, the myriad of apps, buttons, and features on modern devices can be overwhelming. Traditional video calling methods often require several steps: unlocking a device, finding an app, accessing contacts, and finally, initiating the call. For grandparents, especially those with cognitive challenges or those unfamiliar with technology, this can be daunting.

Simplicity is Key:

The beauty of CallGenie lies in its simplicity. For many grandparents, the television is a familiar device. With CallGenie’s auto-answer feature, there’s no need to fumble with remotes or buttons, making it an intuitive solution for video calls.

Setting Up CallGenie:

Setting up CallGenie is straightforward. Just connect it to a broadband network and the television, and you’re good to go. There’s no hassle of app installations or account setups. Even better, CallGenie includes remote installation as part of the package, guaranteeing a smooth start for grandparents to enjoy video calls without any challenges.

Prioritising Privacy and Safety:

Grandparents’ safety is paramount. CallGenie understands this, ensuring that only pre-approved contacts, like family members, can initiate calls. This safe, closed network guarantees that grandparents won’t receive unwanted or potentially harmful calls.

A Touch of Magic:

Imagine your grandparents watching their favourite show, and suddenly, the TV screen transitions to their beloved grandchild’s smiling face, ready for a chat. With CallGenie, this magical experience becomes an everyday reality. Once the conversation wraps up, the television seamlessly reverts back to its previous broadcast.

Cost-effective Connectivity:

Worried about ongoing costs? CallGenie’s model is transparent: a one-time payment without monthly fees. It’s an economical solution that ensures grandparents remain connected without a recurring financial burden.


When considering the easiest way to video call grandparents, CallGenie stands out from the crowd. It respects the elderly’s comfort zone, prioritises their safety, and offers an unparalleled ease of use. In a world full of complicated technologies, CallGenie provides a straightforward solution, making every video call with grandparents a cherished, hassle-free moment. If you’ve ever wished for a more straightforward way to see and speak to your grandparents, CallGenie might just be the answer you’ve been searching for.