The Ultimate Simple Phone for Elderly: Introducing CallGenie

In the digital age, keeping up with the latest technology can be a daunting task, especially for the elderly. Mobile phones, tablets, and computers have become increasingly sophisticated, often leaving seniors feeling overwhelmed. Enter the search for the perfect “simple phone for elderly” individuals. While traditional phones might seem like the solution, they often lack the personal touch of seeing a loved one’s face. This is where CallGenie steps in, revolutionising the concept of simple communication for seniors.

Not Just a Phone, But a Connection

While CallGenie isn’t technically a phone, it serves the primary purpose of one: connecting people. The beauty of CallGenie lies in its simplicity. It allows elderly individuals to have video calls without the complexities of modern devices. Imagine the joy of grandparents seeing their grandchildren grow, even from miles away, without struggling with tiny buttons or confusing interfaces.

How Does CallGenie Work?

Built specifically for the elderly, CallGenie offers a hassle-free communication experience. Its brilliance lies in its integration with a device almost every elderly individual is familiar with: the TV. If the television is off when a call comes in, CallGenie will power it on, automatically switching to display the incoming video call. Once the conversation concludes, the TV goes back to its previous state, be it a regular channel or turned off. There’s no juggling between devices or trying to recall which button does what. Additionally, considering the diverse needs of its users, CallGenie collaborates with Skype to introduce a subtitles feature. This ensures that those who might have difficulty hearing or those who simply favour reading can fully grasp every spoken word.

Keeping the Connection Safe and Simple

One of the main concerns of modern technology is privacy and safety. CallGenie addresses this by only allowing incoming calls from pre-approved contacts, ensuring that the elderly user only interacts with familiar faces. There’s no risk of unwanted calls or the need to navigate complex privacy settings. Everything is set up to prioritise the user’s comfort and safety.


In a world filled with complicated gadgets, finding a simple phone for elderly individuals can seem challenging. However, CallGenie redefines what simplicity means by providing a platform that is not just easy to use but also enriches the lives of its users. It’s more than a device; it’s a bridge that narrows the distance between hearts, making every call an occasion to remember.

Key Features

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    Connects to the Television

    CallGenie connects to the user's television, typically the largest screen in a person's home. Why would you introduce another smaller screen into their living environment, when the television is already there in front of them?

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    Safe & Secure

    CallGenie only answers incoming video calls from known contacts. Just add family and friends to the contacts list to enable them to connect.

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    Auto-Answering Video Calls

    CallGenie is waiting for loved ones to call. It automatically turns on the television, if it's on standby, and switches the input to the incoming video call. At the end of the call, CallGenie returns the television to its original state.

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    Real-Time Subtitles

    With age might come challenges related to hearing. CallGenie addresses this by offering real-time subtitles, ensuring that every word spoken by loved ones can be read from the screen. The size of the text can be configured to suit the eye sight of the user.

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    One-off Cost – No Monthly Fees

    No monthly fees to pay. Just connect CallGenie to the user's broadband and plug it into their television. Set up is done remotely via a video call, to make sure everything works perfectly.

    12 months of full support and warranty included.

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    Our Guarantee

    We understand the importance of making sure that CallGenie works seamlessly with the user's television. The television must go back to its original state after a call, and when the user turns on the television from standby there should be no surprises. In the very rare case that we can't get CallGenie to work seamlessly, we will give you a full refund of the purchase price.