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Small Business IT Solutions | Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey

Small Business IT Solutions

Smart Life Solutions provides affordable Small Business IT Solutions for sole traders and small businesses that are just starting up. We take the pain out of choosing the right technology to get your business online, communicate with your customers and, once you start making sales, take their payments.

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What Small Business IT Solutions do we offer?

Smart Life Solution offers the following IT solutions tailored specifically for sole traders and small businesses which are in the process of starting up

Website Hosting and Management

We would be pleased to set up your website and manage it on your behalf using WordPress, the most popular open source web content management solution. Once you have a name for your business we’ll help you choose and set up an appropriate domain name to use for both your website and email addresses.

To help you get online as quickly as possible we provide various levels of support starting with training on how to use WordPress to create your website. If you would prefer to leave everything to us,  we can provide  a fully managed design and content writing service. We’ll also take care of search engine optimisation (SEO) and make sure you site ranks well for local searches.

The following is an example of a hosted WordPress site managed by Smart Life Solutions:

Help with Speech

To ensure your website is online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Smart Life Solutions uses industry leading infrastructure companies, such as 1 & 1, to look after everything behind the scenes.  You will also get email accounts which use your new domain name.

Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures and Adverts

Smart Life Solutions  provides an affordable  graphics design service to help you create eye catching  business cards, flyers, brochures, web pages and adverts. You can take the artwork we produce to your preferred printer or you can let us manage the whole process for you and have the finished materials delivered directly to your home or office.

Point of Sale Terminals

Getting paid by your customers quickly is key to maintaining your cash flow as a small business. Smart Life Solutions can help you set up the latest cost effective point of sale terminals which interface directly to your smart phone or tablet. When you make a sale or complete the service you are delivering, simply take  a cash or card payment from your customer using the terminal, enter their email address and it automatically sends them a receipt. No need to write out an invoice and chase them for payment.

Business Phones – VoIP is the Solution

It has been proven that customers prefer to buy services from companies and tradesmen that are based in the same locality. Having a local phone number is part of the process of proving where you are based. It says that you are in the same community as your customers and you’re more likely to be trusted.

You can get a local number by either  installing a separate business line, or you can achieve the same result for less money by choosing a Voice over IP (VoIP) service. VoIP  uses your broadband to host your telephone service without the need for installing a separate line. This is particularly useful if you don’t have a fixed office or you work from home most of the time. As well as having a handset, or two, in your home office, you can install a VoIP app on your smart phone so you can receive landline calls  wherever you might be.

Smart Life Solutions can find the best VoIP solution for your small business and set it up on your behalf.

Computer Backups and Disaster Recovery Solutions

What would happen to your business if you lost the data on your computer or the computers of your staff? You might have a disk drive fail, a laptop stolen, a fire at your office or simply delete files and folders by mistake. How would you keep your business running if you lost critical data held on your computers and servers.

Smart Life Solutions can help you implement a backup strategy to protect your data and make sure you can recover from a catastrophic event. We specialise in implementing cost effective solutions for individuals and small businesses utilising a combination of on premise hardware, offsite backups and cloud storage.

IT Support & Services

In addition we’ll be there to help you sort out your IT problems and advise you on what technology you need to meet your business goals and grow your business.